What is Digital Gold? Know here how to buy and benefits of it

What is Digital Gold? Know here how to buy and benefits of it

2020 has been a tough time for the stock market, economy, and investments. But there are also some things that have provided outstanding returns to investors. One of them is digital gold. Who has given a 25% return within just 6 months alone, and the expert believes it can still go up to 30% and above.

What is Digital Gold? 

Digital Gold in which you can buy and sell gold online just like Share and Mutual Funds, not taking physical delivery of gold. There are a variety of Authorized Online Mode modes to buy, which gives you the freedom to invest in digital gold by taking fixed charges. Mainly digital gold transactions are being undertaken by SafeGold and MMTC – PAMP, a joint company founded by India and Switzerland. So if you also think of invest in Digital Gold, you need to understand all the information about it carefully.

Benefits of Digital Gold: 

1. In Digital Gold, you are given a full safety guarantee.

2. Here you can also start with the small investments, starting at just Rs. 1.

3. You can convert investments made in Digital Gold to Cash or Real Gold at any time.

4. Also, there is no difference in the market price of real gold and digital gold.

5. Due to which you can buy and sell it online at any time, keeping in mind the charges.

6. You can start with Investment Mobile Apps and easily track your gold price.

7. In addition, you can also invest in digital gold by opening a Demat Account.

Important facts of Digital Gold:

If you've thought about putting money into digital gold, you must understand some of the key points before that –

Where can you take digital gold from?

As mentioned earlier, this digital gold is being offered by MMTC – PAMP India Pvt. Ltd. Which you can buy it through Paytm, PhonePe, Google Pay, and Demat account.

Identifying the purity of gold?

In terms of purity, both SafeGold and MMTC - PAMP provide 24-carat gold. But in beauty, SafeGold offers purity of 99.5% and MMTC – PAMP 99.9%.

How long can gold hold?

If you buy Gold from MMTC – PAMP Mode, it can be held for up to 5 years and can hold up to 7 years in SafeGold Case. But when the deadline expires, you have to sell the gold or convert it to Real Gold.

How to buy Digital Gold: 

There are several ways to buy Digital Gold in which you can buy it using a payment app or a Demat account. But if you want to invest in digital gold in the easiest way, Google Pay, Paytm and PhonePe are the best options for this.

Gold Mutual Fund Returns:

Investing in Gold Mutual Funds through SIP can also be a lucrative deal. Top Gold Mutual Funds have returned nearly 40% in the past one year, which is more than any PPF.

What should you do?

See Digital Gold Market includes Return as well as Risk. So if you're going for investment purposes, you should compare all funds and products on their Charges and Fractures base. And take the expert's opinion and invest money in the best scheme for yourself.

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