What is a virtual credit card? Here are some best options of providers

What is a virtual credit card? Here are some best options of providers

Are you looking for an online virtual credit card (VCC) or Prepaid Credit Card? Are you residing in India and want to get an international credit card or debit card without a bank? If yes, today, we will tell you about some of the best websites in this article where you can get VCC by open a new account.

What is a virtual credit card?

A virtual credit card is a card that you have hypothetically whose card number and CVV code that help you shop online worldwide. Companies that offer these virtual credit cards give you a VISA or Master Card that you can use anywhere online around the world.

Benefits and use of virtual credit card:

In today's world of technology, most people buy online and pay bills. Virtual credit cards can also be used to different transaction currency in a variety of international websites. Indian people need a lot of virtual credit cards because many websites on the Internet are not allowed to use the debit cards of Indian banks. And on the other hand, it is very difficult to get a credit card from the bank. You can also make payments on these virtual credit card-accepting web hosting, buy a domain, Google products such as Google Play Store games and apps, Google Analytics, Google Edward, Google Adsense, and other VISA or Master Card accepting international websites.

Best virtual credit cards providers: 

NetSafe Virtual Credit Card  by HDFC: 

Netsafe Virtual Credit Card provided by HDFC Bank is one of the safest features HDFC has to do. The information about NetSef VCC is as simple as below.

  • If you have a Paypal account, you can easily make it a verify.
  • You can create five virtual credit cards a day that remains valid for up to 48 hours.
  • The remaining amount is refunded to your account after the card is expired.
  • The most important part of NetSafe is that your card information isn't shown online.
  • Due to its one time use, this card is unlikely to be defrauded.

SBI virtual credit card: 

Today, everyone is familiar with the functioning and services of the State Bank of India. SBI is famous for the simplest banking. In India, users of this bank are more if your account is in SBI, you can avail some of the best services below.

  • SBI gives you a lot of cards a day.
  • Transection ranging from Rs. 100 to 50000 can be easy.
  • The card's commodity lasts for 48 hours, and the balance is automatically returned to your account when the card is expired.
  • To generate the card, go to e-service and e-card by going to onlinesbi.com and enter OTP and get your virtual card. 

M-CLIP virtual credit card by Bank of Baroda:

  • In M-clip, you can easily register.
  • There is no constraint of minimum balance, i.e., the minimum balance is Rs. 1.
  • There are some limited areas like you can use it only for transactions in India.
  • You can use the only transection from the m-clip account to another account and not to another bank account.

Payoneer virtual credit card:

Like other banks, it also lets you create a free Virtual Credit Card. Payoneer is one of the safest transaction channels. Here is the need for the facilities provided by the Payoneer below.

  • With a few meager sums, you can easily get a secure virtual credit card.
  • To get this, you need to verify your proof, and you'll receive a mail to tell you why you want to get a VCC. Just your Payoneer Virtual Credit Card is ready.
  • The most important thing is that you can transact dollars or euros in any currency.

Kotak Mahindra bank Netcard:

Kotak Mahindra Bank Netc@rd or Netcard is also a VCC with the same features as others like:-

  • Netcard also gives 48 hours of commodity and sends the remaining amount back to the account.
  • This can be paid both in the Indian market and in the international market.
  • If you are a consumer of Kotak Mahindra Bank as well as using net banking, you can easily get netcards.

ICICI bank – Virtual Credit Card:

  • You can easily load money into your VCC wallet and do both NEFT and IMPS types of transactions.
  • The card can be used to make online payments to all Indian merchants.
  • ICICI Bank is developing an application that makes it easier for customers to transact.

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