Have you lost your credit card? Know here how to claim compensation for it

Have you lost your credit card? Know here how to claim compensation for it

Caution should always be exercised at the time of the use of credit cards. Sometimes the credit card is lost somewhere due to maintenance. Then people come into tension. The biggest reason for stress is that money may disappear from the account or misuse of credit cards. The biggest problem of the people is who will compensate for the loss. You don't need to worry if your credit card is unfortunately lost or misused. In this case, the credit card issuing bank pays compensation. For this, the bank has an agreement with the insurance company. Know how compensation can be claimed.

If your credit card is lost, you have to give proof of it. Keep in mind if the bank does not pursue the compensation process if it does not produce strong evidence of losing the card. Immediately let the bank know and block it as soon as the card is lost. This reduces the likelihood of misuse of this card. Also, lodge a complaint of the missing card in the police and keep the copy with you. Many banks also arrange to lodge complaints online. After doing these things, the banks take forward the process of giving compensation. The compensation received to the cardholder after losing the card does not depend on whether the money has been collected from the misuse of the card. Being in the insurance cover, you should not worry about it.

Understand the importance of credit scores for credit cards:

Cibil score is asked when taking credit cards. When this score is good, the loan is easily found. If this score is bad, your loan app may also be the object.

Make sure you use a credit card:

There is a need to be very cautious about the use of credit cards. You can make your credit card more secure in a few minutes using just a few tricks and prevent any unwanted transactions from abroad. For this, you keep the international transactions blocked, it is beneficial for you. Also, you set the transaction limit. Avoid clicking on suspicious links.

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